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    * Being able to drink on my own has made a big improvement in my life. I don't know what I would do without my hummingbird sipper.   Please keep making this wonderful product.
    * Using this product is also good for my health, if I do not drink much, I become dizzy and start to faint because of being dehydrated and low blood pressure. This product has stopped this from happening, because I can always have the sipper at my reach.
  • There is a wonderful photo of Matt using our Sipper on a cruise. . .


Your straws are great! You have a great product - thanks much! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the straws when we go out, but if not at least I know where I can go to replace the flexible straws! The extra length on these are so much better that the regular flexible straws! M


Dear Sir/Madam,
I was delighted to find your web site finally, after looking everywhere for the type of straws that you have.   I am spinal injured and paralysed from the shoulders down, so drinking independently has been impossible without the help of a carer, but looking at your web site with all the different
straws you produce makes it all quite possible. M


Just a quick note to say thank you for your prompt service regarding our Straw Order.....they arrived this morning, and we eagerly await the chance to use them at our Christmas Staff party.
Many thanks  L
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         Our Long Drinking Straw is a custom made product. This Long Drinking Straw is different from any other Long Drinking Straw because it is 27 inches Long.  Because there was not a Long Drinking Straw that had such length, we had this Long Drinking Straw produced for our company exclusively.  We had the Long Drinking Straw produced with standard plastic straw material including two bendable joints so the Long Drinking Straw will stay in the desired position, making this unique Long Drinking Straw more accessible to the user.
Access to beverages is vital to users who have limited body movement.  Therefore the idea of the Long Drinking Straw developed.  Someone with Lou Gehrig's disease has limited access to drinking and therefore having the Long Drinking Straw in a fix position increases the ability of independent liquid consumption.  Users of the Long Drinking Straw having paraplegia or quadriplegia, are extremely satisfied with the Long Drink Straw due to having the independent access to beverage.  Because of severe pain in people having rheumatoid hand functional disability, the Long Drinking Straw again promotes independence to users, due to the length of the Long Drink Straw.  For seniors who suffer from a stroke, the Long Drinking Straw solves many problems.  If the stroke victim has only use of one arm, he or she loses has limited ability to hold containers with liquid.  Using the Long Drinking Straw in a container securely held in the special drinkholder removes the neccessity to lift the container to drink.  Users with Spinal Bifida in addition to many forms of Muscular Dystrophy can benefit from the Long Drinking Straw for the same reason.  Having a container of beverage at a distance so as not to spill anything is an additional benefit of the Long Drinking Straw for individuals with physical conditions that cause to constant or unexpected movements of the body.
        There are other types of Long Drinking Straws on the market but none as long as this Long Drinking Straw. The wide round diameter of the tube of the Long Drinking Straw is larger than any other Long Drinking Straw. The larger the size of the round tubing of the Long Drinking Straw the more variety of types of drinks, which is a benefit to some users.  The very large  diameter of the Long Drinking Straw  allows for the consumption of thick creamy soups or milk shakes, when normal size straws simply will not work as well as our exclusive Long Drinking Straw. The ability to consume thick liquid  by having the  Long Drinking Straw is very important to users who must drink their entire meal due to problems of TMD known as Temporomandibular  disorder.  Users with TMD disorder not only benefit from the large tubing of the Long Drinking Straw but the ability to have the Long Drinking Straw with the bigger diameter of the straw at different angles due to the bendable sections of the Long Drinking Straw. 

        The Long Drinking Straw being used for consuming an entire meal brings up another advantage of the Long Drinking Straw: durability.  The Long Drinking Straw is washable and reusable.  No bacteria and no contamination is a very important especially if a Long Drinking Straw is a life line for the user. The durability of the Long Drinking Straw is also significant in that the fact that the ability to wash thoroughly and reuse the Long Drinking Straw helps keep the cost down.
        Being able to use the Long Drink Straw in a wheelchair is also a very important use because it allows you to have the Long Drink Straw extend out from a table or desk next to the wheelchair. The Long Drink Straw is made of special plastic material that is very strong, you can easily cut the length of the Long Drink Straw to any size  without any damage to the strength of the Long Drink Straw and no ragged edges to worry about.
        Many users keep more than one Long Drink Straw because once they find that they can cut the Long Drink Straw to a custom length, they find other uses for the Long Drink Straw at different lengths.  Another point about using the Long Drinking Straw is that if the user is using a drinking glass and not a plastic bottle for the beverage and in order to get the most relaxed use out of the Long Drink Straw the user must be sure the Long Drink Straw does not fall out of the drinking glass they are using. For this problem we also designed a special clip that will attach to the edge of the drinking glass and at the same time hold the Long Drink Straw to  prevent it from falling out of the glass. This special clip, called the Sipper Clip, works perfect for hands free drinking, because the user does not have to hold the straw, the clip does. The Long Drink Straw works the same as it did without the clip except you do not have to worry about the Long Drinking Straw moving or drifting away from your mouth or falling out of the glass. This is also another reason the users order more of the Long Drinking Straw because they want to cut the Long Drinking Straw to a special length for use with a drinking glass
If you have questions about the Long Drinking Straw please contact us. 

What's the big deal?  Those things can be found anywhere.  After all, a straw is a straw. R

    * ANSWER: This is a VERY big deal -- for everyone who cannot drink independently.  No where else can you team the long flexible straw with the adjustable cupholder to keep your drink secure at such an amazing price.


    * ANSWER:  Our longest straw is 27 inches, but the 2 flexible sections make it perfect for someone who can't bend.  The straw bends to where you need it!

Are they OK for hot drinks too? My husband is a quad and needs the straws for both hot and cold!  Thanks!  J

    * ANSWER: The 12-inch straw works best for warm - NOT HOT - soups and drinks.  If you  need longer reach, we have 25-inch AND 27-inch straws!